Tokyo Crepes

11am  - 9pm Sun thru Thursday
11am - 11pm Friday & Sat

62 spring st, Charleston SC 
(closed 9pm on Sundays)
   CLICK LOCATION -->> **Downtown Charleston        **Folly Beach Location
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Our World Famous Crepes


*Choco Almond

*Banana Tella

*Banana Choco

*Cheezy Fruit

*Choco Cheese  

*Banana Tella Cheese

*Banana Choco Cheese  

*Sweet Kiss



*Crunchy Apple

*Sweet Devil   

*Creamy Oreo

*Nutty Nut


 *Spicy Corn Cheese

 *Tuna Salad

 *Healthy Choice

 *Spinach Dance

 *Teriyaki Chicken

 *Middle East Miracle

 *Sunny Chicken

 *Smokey Pork







~Pick a Crepe Batter~

 (Contains Egg, Dairy and Wheat)

*Gluten & Dairy Free
 (Made with organic brown rice flour and organic soy milk.
Low sugar (used organic Blue Agave) --- Contains Egg)

Coming Soon!!!


**Gluten Free batter is prepared in a common kitchen
with the risk of gluten exposure. Therefore, Tokyo Crepes
DOES NOT recommend this crepe for customers with
celiac disease. Customers with gluten sensitivities should
exercise judgment in consuming this crepe.


What Makes Tokyo Crepes So Darn Special?

Tokyo Crepes is a food vending stand that is currently based and operated out of Folly Beach, SC

Both sweet and savory food items are offered to the residents and visitors of Folly Beach on a year
round basis.Since opened in April 2009, Tokyo Crepes has been expanding their menu not only what
you can find in Tokyo but unique combinations of world wide flavors.  Read More...




Watch this video from VendrTv and you’ll see why they are sooooo good.   


Here’s What They Are Saying About Tokyo Crepes

Try something savory, then come back for something sweet.  The Cuban is awesome!

29-03-2013 Liv H.


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    Tokyo Crepes
  • 107 East Ashley Ave
    Folly Beach, SC 29439-1231